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MANX WHITE RUM 70 cl | 41% VOL


Hoolie is the Manx word for ‘bloody windy’, which it often is on the Isle of Man. Fermented from molasses in our old milking shed distillery and double distilled in our wood-fired still, Hoolie delivers a malty-liquorice gust with a charcoal filtered finish ready for daiquiris, mojitos or our excellent simple serve of Hoolie and ginger ale. 


Tasting notes: Biscuity cereal notes with sweet liquorice and a hint of vegetal fennel, a touch of butterscotch, and zesty spice.


Manx Daq it up! Our hero serbe for Hoolie is the Manx Daiquiri. 50ml Hoolie, 25ml lime juice, 20ml simple syrup, 7ml of Hurricane. Choose the Manx Daq option to get a 50ml mini to try this abolsutely heroic cocktail for yourself. 


  • Outlier provides free local delivery in the Isle of Man. Do feel free to invite us in for a cup of tea. 

    It's expensive getting bottles across the Irish Sea so we'll share some of that courier delivery cost to get our bottles to you.

    • £6 for orders up to £80
    • Free shipping for orders £80 or more

    ROW shipping: please email for a quote. 

  • You have confirmed the pop up saying that you are of legal drinking age. We only sell to people that are 18 or over and implement a Challenge 25 policy with our local deliveries. 

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