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Outlier rums at TT

Every year, TT descends upon the Isle of Man turning the laidback little island into a full throttle international biking paradise. It’s a joyfully chaotic fortnight. We’re proud to play our little part this year running a rum bar in the legendary Bushy’s beer tent and supplying our Manx-made rum across pubs and bars all over the rock.
If you’d like to pick up a bottle (to have here or take home as a reminder) there’s a number of places that you can get it.

Manx Daq IMG_7707.png


You can buy through our website as long as there’s a UK or IOM delivery address.
Click here for the Outlier online shop.

Twisted and Coke IMG_7728.png


You can get bottles in shops including The Wine Cellar and Woodbourne Deli in Douglas, Kellas in Port St Mary, EVFs across the Island, Victory Café up on the mountain, on the Steam Packet ferries, and in the shop at the airport.

Party Punch IMG_7781.png


You can also order drinks across the bar in bars all over the Island. Our recommendations are below.

EAST: Douglas
  • Outlier Rum Bar at Bushy’s: we’ll be open a few hours each day – check our socials.

  • Kiki Lounge: an internationally recognised cocktail serving the Manx Daiquiri. Will blow your mind.

  • Quids Inn: A longtime rum supporter and a TT-must pitstop. Guaranteed good time.

  • Henderson & Glass: Great drinks, lovely food, chilled café-bar vibe.

  • The British: Excellent food, cracking service and – importantly – a looong bar.

WEST: Peel
  • Black Dog Oven: Both laidback and rowdy (somehow). Amazing pizzas, lovely locally-sourced drinks.

  • The Boatyard: Manx Menu winning seafood restaurant that’s running an Outlier cocktail menu throughout TT. Some absolute bangers.

NORTH: Ramsey
  • The Mitre: The bar at the end of the universe. Well, Ramsey anyway. Always lively.

  • The Trafalgar Hotel: Camra Pub of the Year run by a little local brewery. We *think* they still have our rum. Worth a visit anyway…

South: Port Erin
  • Foraging Vintners/Cosy Nook: Excellent drinks, bay-view chilling. By the time
    you read this there should be a Twisted Arm cocktail on the menu…

  • Bay Hotel: Long-time party pub that spills onto the beach during the summer.

  • The Riddler in the Nest: Great music pub down south that overlooks the bay.

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