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And this is how it begins. Over the final few weeks of 2020, we have put out our first two Outlier spirits on the shelves. Sure, it might only be a small batch of Germanic-style schnapps in 20cl bottles and a playful little 50ml overproof rum designed to light up your Xmas pud, but they’re real drinks in real bottles. We couldn’t be happier that Hedge Fund sold out. We’re not saying that an honest-to-goodness blackberry and elderberry schnapps shouldn’t have a place on your shelves, but… we know its success is thanks to you, our early supporters.

We had initially harboured ambitions of putting out a little trio of interesting spirits this winter, but it turns out that converting an old milking shed into a working distillery - replete with all the necessary approvals, licences and judicious cleaning - takes some time. So, in the meantime, you’re just going to have to make do with a kickass schnapps and some Xmas rum instead, which you can pick up from Bottle Monkey here.

When we launched Hedge Fund through the brilliant craft beer store Bottle Monkey we did so with a couple of little events touted as “Outlier Spirits Tasting Pub Quiz Jamboree”. We were thrilled with the turnout, not least of all because of its midweek listing, but mainly because of the faith and interest shown by friends and well-wishers. Not only was Hedge Fund a pretty smooth and flavoursome schnapps, it was also the first boozy drink to get the IOM’s ‘Product of’ label. And all it took was hours and hours of picking blackberries and elderberries by hand. (Thanks to all the helpers to pitched in at different points.)

We’ve spent the rest of the year running rum and getting it ready for barrel aging with the aim to get it into bottles and glasses next year. That said, we won’t put it out until we (and I mostly mean ‘Ian’) thinks it’s ready.

It’s been a great and eye-opening six months but we’re looking forward to next year and putting some great bottles on shelves and hosting or supporting some more great little events. Thanks for your support and have yourself a merry bloomin' Xmas.

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