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can we twist your arm? introducing Twisted arm spiced manx rum

As of - checks watch - about 5 minutes ago, the first batch of our brand new rum, Twisted Arm spiced Manx rum, has been available on the Outlier website. We just about got it out in time for Christmas.

Twisted Arm spiced Manx rum: drink it your own way

Twisted Arm is a smoky delight that that’s smooth and delicately sweet. It's a drink for those that like to tread their own path so drink it however you like! We think it works well in cocktails, is a great sipper with a cube of ice, and also goes great with route one mixers: coke, ginger, tonic and Ting.

You can order Twisted Arm direct from us here or you can try it out at bars and pubs across the Isle of Man.

***So why’s it called Twisted Arm?***

Well, it took Rick a year to persuade Ian that he actually might want to make a spiced rum that he wants to drink (Ian is a purist): the result is a wonderfully smoky spiced rum that’s smooth and delicately sweet. Using both Manx and off-island ingredients, Twisted Arm uses a whole range of spices, some going into the pot when the spirit was distilled, some macerated in with the spirit afterward – and some fed in with a sugar and honey syrup at the end.

We gave local artist Meg Hindley free rein again and she’s come up with something fairly out there and sits alongside our bottles great on the shelves.

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