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If you’ve been round any London rum festivals then you may well recognise the finely sculpted beard of Alex Sandu. And if you’re looking at him thinking, “I’m sure I’ve seen that guy somewhere but can’t put my finger on it,” then it’s almost certain that you stumbled into Trailer Happiness* in Portobello at some point in the last couple of years. Yeah, it was all a bit hazy when we left, too.

When Alex isn’t slinging rum cocktails at the iconic London rum bar (or now introducing Outlier rums to bartenders across the Capital), he can be found sipping rum and writing well-written reviews at The Rum Barrel.

Alex has helped us out in a couple of spots and we thought it was about time we made things real by bringing Alex on board as our first official Outlier Ambassador. So if you’d like Alex to drop in with samples – or to host a sampling of our excellent Outlier rums then drop us a DM or ping Alex direct on He’s a lovely chap, you won’t regret it.

Alex 'Rum Barrel' Sandu: on the streets of London slinging Outlier rum

If you're looking for some excellent craft made rums that handle with a lot of depth in cocktails - or can go route one with Twisted Arm - then give us or Alex a shout.


*Try the Zombie at Trailer – it’s got our Hoolie rum in it. I mean, try all the cocktails there, but make doubly sure you try the Zombie. A visit to Trailer Happiness is a must for any rum lover. Get yourself there.


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