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The Outlier Manx Cup of Manxness

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

It was a good run. Whatever other opinion you might have, I think we can all agree on that. Six months living life as normal while friends and family in the UK, Ireland and further afield have had to deal with both the looming spectre of COVID-19 and the banal mundanities of hiding away from it. Fingers crossed it’s just a few weeks until we can return to our old new normal.

The return of lockdown here on the Island has reminded us how lucky we have been – and continue to be – living here on the rock. And that led us to think, what *is* the greatest thing about living here? You know, other than the horse tram.

The Drinking Dragon - pretty good, but is it the best thing about the Isle of Man?

So we thought we'd ask you. I mean, other than wrangling work, children, animals, domestic chores and existential questions around how often ordering takeaway is legitimate, what else do you have to do?

We’re going to start with some grouped categories – best pub, best local delicacy, best place to enjoy sunset, best local phrase, etc. – and then let it go into a free-for-all in a classic knockout. (We have no idea if this is going to work...) For instance, we might start with best Manx food: Queenies vs Kippers vs Cheese, chips and gravy vs Bonnag.


  1. Sling us suggestions as to what you think makes the IOM great (big or small, sensible or otherwise). You can ping us on Twitter or through Facebook. If you’ve reached this article from Facebook then just jump back there and drop it in comments. Thanks!

  2. Follow our Twitter account here:

  3. We’ll release a poll once a day. Choose an option. Easy.

  4. Celebrate when your choice goes through or spend a few seconds muttering to yourself when it doesn’t.

And, yes, for those that are fans of Pointless or Richard Osman, we have taken inspiration from his Twitter World Cup polls. (Thanks, Richard. We’ll happily pop you a bottle of Hedge Fund into the post to for helping us get through a few weeks of knuckle-biting lockdown boredom if you send us your address.)

Get ready to vote at the Outlier Twitter account here.

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