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The outlier manifesto (sort of)

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

"Outlier is a craft distillery on the Isle of Man, a small and independent island nestled in the middle of the Irish Sea. As our name suggests, we’re looking to do things a little differently from the mass market by producing a range of outstanding locally sourced spirits and helping to create meaningful moments through our drinks and events.

We’re going to be sustainable and interesting, creating spirits of integrity using Manx ingredients whenever possible, including grain grown onsite at Ballakelly Farm where the Outlier Distilling Company is based… out of an old milking shed. We might not always get it right, but we’re going to have a damn good time trying things out."

This may all sound a little grandiose coming from a little distillery in the middle of nowhere - especially one that is yet to sell a single bottle of booze - but, sod it, it’s more interesting when you put yourself out there.

We called ourselves the Outlier Distilling Company for a couple of reasons. We’ve set ourselves up in an old milking shed in Andreas on Ballakelly Farm, a somewhat outlying point of the Isle of Man, which is itself an outlier of the British Isles. And philosophically speaking we also think that it’s the more outlier moments or decisions in life that can bring the most satisfaction. That’s something that we want to deliver through the drinks we make and the events and people we support. We want to source locally where possible. We want to be sustainable where possible.

What we want to do is to help to place a new dot on your bar chart, a refreshing new viewpoint or experience, and, of course, serve you some most excellent Outlier drinks. We’ve got plans to produce a wide range of spirits – some easily accessible, some more challenging. Does that make commercial sense? Perhaps not, but we decided from the outset that we’re not going to make decisions based solely on the bottom line.

Think about it in your own life. What are the things you do or have done that you think define you (in a good way)? It’s usually something that is outside the norm, whether by your own definition or someone else’s. It might be the roads less travelled that you’ve walked (or stumbled) down, the sport you play, the music you listen to, the club you support, the books you read, the art you like. Hell, maybe it’s the art you make when no-one’s looking.

Maybe you’ve always wanted to dress up as a cavalier at the weekend in historical re-enactments. Maybe it’s dressing up in leather because, well, that’s your kind of thing. Maybe you want to become a contributor for the parish newsletter or one of Europe’s preeminent Tamagotchi experts. Take some risks and experiment. That’s what we’re going to try.

Of course, we want the connoisseurs out there to like and appreciate what we make. But more so, we want you to take the time to try something new and take the time to appreciate it. We’re not entirely sure what or when – and certainly no idea how – but we’re looking to create or support some great little events in the Isle of Man (and, one day, beyond) so do keep an eye on our social channels. Get involved.

Ian and Rick are busy trying to get the distillery ready to make some small batch spirits – hopefully by the end of 2020 - so do follow Outlier’s progress on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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