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Who did we think we were kidding? Of course, it’s all about the pubs. We kicked off the Outlier Manx Cup of Manxness earlier this week as a way to find out what you thought was the best thing about living on the Island (and to provide a passing lockdown diversion).

There was some interest as we asked about the best Manx food – Queenies - or the best day of the Manx calendar - Senior Race Day - but it was only when we asked which boozer was best that things really kicked off. A quick request for suggestions put The Creek Inn, The Front Porch, The Thirsty Pigeon and The Woodbourne together. They’re all great establishments but it was The Woodbourne that enjoyed a late surge to pull ahead of The Front Porch to win the poll. (Well done to The Woody!)

Perhaps unsurprisingly, this poll picked up a lot more votes than the others. Who would have thought that people following a distillery would have an opinion on drinking holes…

So we’re going to take the bold obvious decision to switch the Outlier Manx Cup of Manxness to the Outlier Manx Cup of Pubs & Bars. Let’s face it, if we ran the Outlier Manx Cup of Manxness to the final it would have ended up as ‘The TT’ versus ‘Low taxes’.

We’re doing it properly this time, pulling together a list of all the drinking holes in the Isle of Man, do a draw and brackets, then head to the Twitterverse to find out which is the best boozer on the Island. Follow along and vote through the Outlier Twitter account here. We'll kick it off tomorrow.

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