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Outlier is heading to Manchester this weekend to take part in the Manchester Rum Festival. It promises to be a great bash, bringing rum lovers and curious tipple triers together at the Mercure Hotel in Piccadilly Gardens, Manchester. Come see us!

Dave Marsland, the man behind MRF, has been up to the Outlier distillery a few times and asked us to do this year’s festival bottling. We bit his hand off. We’ve made 200 bottles of Punk Croc, a 43% blended rum using our 160L wood-fired still and a number of fun barrels.

The first chance you’ll get to buy a bottle of Punk Croc – which we’ve kept to an accessible £40 price tag – is at Manchester Rum Festival itself. After that, it’s going to be offered up on a first-come, first-served approach through the Outlier website.

Subscribers to the Outlier mailing list will be notified when it’s on sale. Sign up today and make sure that you get the chance to get yourself a bottle of this limited edition rum. Punk Croc features rum aged in Sauternes, New American Oak and Islay casks. We’ve found it to make a perfect blend for mojitos and daiquiris that carry a little attitude. You'll probably recognise the label art style from our Hoolie and Hurricane bottles, which were also done by the equally lovely and talented Meg Hindley. We're also planning to do a live event with Meg soon. Keep your eyes open for that.

Come see us in July at:

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