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We are excited to announce that we – that’s the Outlier Distilling Company - have joined forces with Boutinot Spirits who will be distributing our Hoolie and Hurricane Manx rums across the UK.

This is both hugely exciting and a big weight off our shoulders as we’re really hoping that this will lead to Hoolie blowing up in a bunch of shops, bars and clubs across the UK. Initial conversations have been very promising.

Can be tricky getting off the mountain let alone the island

So if you’re reading this then you probably know who we are: Ian and Rick in the Isle of Man, two Southerners who ended up on this rock and decided to open a rum distillery. As a two-man operation with the Irish Sea surrounding us, we realised that we probably needed some experienced boots on the ground. Enter Boutinot Spirits. They’re an offshoot of well-respected wine distributor Boutinot, a company with over 40 years discovering, sourcing and selling amazing wines.

Coming from a wine background where provenance is king, Boutinot are focused on bringing across a similar integrity and attitude to their spirits offerings. They are, as we understand it, going to be scratch-spirits only. That means you have to make your spirits from scratch (get it?), which we do. We import molasses and ferment them on site using water from the farm’s well. Or pick berries from the farm in the case of Hedge Fund.

Our Hoolie and Hurricane Manx rums are full of character. Hoolie is an unaged 41% white rum perfect for daiquiris and mojitos, or simple with Fever-Tree ginger ale or with a Stratford Soda. Hurricane is an overproof Manx rum clocking in at 64% that can be sipped straight or used as a seasoning in a range of rum cocktails. It’s predominantly Hoolie held at a higher proof but then blended with barrel-aged rum that we’ve made on site to give it a richer, more complex flavour. Both can be ordered direct to home through our shop.

Interested in stocking Hoolie or Hurricane?

Contact us at or get in touch with Boutinot direct by emailing (you'll need to have or set up an account with Boutinot)

Buying for yourself or as gift?

Just head through to our online shop here. We'll throw in a taster mixer or two for good measure.

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Instagram: @OutlierDistilling

Twitter: @OutlierCompany

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Awesome collaboration. Love Hoolie with a Bundaberg but will try a Fever Tree on that tip. Onwards men 🔥✅

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