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Updated: Mar 24, 2022

There’s plenty of topics that divide opinion: Brexit, Blur or Oasis, the order of cream and jam on a scone… but picking the best watering hole is certainly up there. To settle that once and for all – well, for 2022 anyway - we’re going to run another Outlier Manx Cup of Pubs and Bars to discover the Island’s favourite home away from home.

We’re asking you to make nominations by simply dropping the name of your favourite boozers in the comments of our Facebook post (which we’ll link to here). You can nominate as many as you want. We’ll do a little manual number crunching and put the top dogs into a poll that we'll run here at There's some cracking pubs and bars on the Island with a lot of passionate people working behind the bar and behind the scenes.

You can find this poster hanging up at The Ginger Hall

We admit that we got a bit carried away last year. Lockdown-induced mania led us to running a multi-week knockout competition on Twitter: the initial group stages featured over 100 venues. In the end, The Ginger Hall beat The Original Quids Inn for the title of ‘The Best Boozer on the Isle of Man’. It was fun but probably a *little* too laborious. So we’re doing it all in just two easy steps this time:

1) Nominate your favourite drinking holes on our Facebook post to help us make a shortlist, then…

2) Vote in a one-off poll to choose the nation’s favourite boozer. We're going to host that vote here to stop the inevitable malfeasance of Russian bots.

The Facebook nominations will be open for a week from 21 March to 28 March. The final poll will be open for a week shortly after. We’ll then try to organise some kind of celebration at the winner’s gaffe (if they'll have us). You’ll all be invited (if they'll have you). The landlord may get teary. Think Gwyneth Paltrow receiving an Oscar but with more beer mats.

And if you're bravely preparing for BBQ season in the meantime, do take a look at Hoolie, Hedge Fund and the cocktails we've concocted with Kiki's Tiki Lounge. You can get them here:

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