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introducing Hoolie & Ginger

We know our Hoolie Manx rum works great in cocktails. It’s particularly good in daiquiris - or so we think anyway - both classic and frozen. But at the back end of the summer we realised we’d been a bit remiss on providing a simple serve. Sure, bashing together a daiquiri is surprisingly quick once you’ve got your bearings but - and it’s a big BUT - not everyone has limes and a shaker ready to go, let alone simple syrup already made up.

So a simple serve.

You can drink Hoolie with Coke. It’s a classic Cuba libre with lime and ice. It works, but after some strenuous testing we’ve found ginger ale with a slice of lime to make a delightful drop. It’s a refreshing alternative to a G&T or a vodka and coke. It’s got more complexity than a G&T yet is still effervescent, but not quite so in your face as a whisky American.

We’ve found Hoolie to pair up nicely with a Fevertree ginger ale, an opinion that was widely backed up at the recent Isle of Man Food & Drink Festival and again at UK RumFest. We had the pleasure to serve hundreds of people a Hoolie & Ginger and it received a whole lot of thumbs ups.

To serve: it's very simple, just bang a shot of Hoolie into a glass with a few cubes of ice, add ginger ale to taste (maybe around 200ml), then squeeze and dunk a wedge of lime into the glass.

Rather than a Dark and Stormy; think of this as a Bright and Breezy.

Order at checkout using GINGERALE and we'll send you a 250ml bottle of FeverTree ginger ale with your bottle of Hoolie.

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