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Happy Hoolie day! Five bottles of Hoolie to be won

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

In recognition of Storm Barra, which is absolutely ripping here in the Isle of Man at the moment, we thought we'd give away five bottles of our Hoolie Manx rum (£34, 41%ABV). All you need to do is to sign up to the Outlier newsletter here and we'll draw lots to see who wins.

There's some competition T&Cs below, but the main ones are: only one entry per person allowed and the compeition is only open to IOM and UK residents.

Stay safe, drive carefully, put on a Christmas film. And if you're looking to get some Xmas pressies, please consider visiting the Outlier Distilling Company shop here.

  • No purchase necessary to enter the competition (and purchasing doesn't increase chances of winning).

  • Entry is open from 7 December until 12 December.

  • Five winners will be chosen by random drawer from among those entering their name for the newsletter. People who have previously signed up to the newsletter can sign up again to enter this competition (you won't get duplicate email in future).

  • We (Rick and Ian) are adminstering the competition. We'll get Farmer Al from Ballakelly to check it's on the up and up!

  • Facebook is not our sponsor. I mean, Zuckerberg is more than welcome to enter but he'll get no preferential treatment.

  • The competition is only open to those 18 years or above.

  • The competition is closed to anyone on the IOM banned list.

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