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Hire the Outlier Daq Shack

We’re not too shy to say that our daiquiris are pretty amazing. And the Manx Daiquiri? Where you add a small splash of our 64% Hurricane overproof? Well, they’re just world class.

We recently hit upon the brainwave of bringing the Daq Shack to you. You pay for the rum upfront and we’ll come to your home to sling Hoolie and Hurricane cocktails for a couple of hours behind our bar (see below!). We’ll also teach you – and whoever else is interested – how to make them, then leave you with all the rum and mixology extras that you need to keep going for the rest of your party.

Are we super skilled mixologists, like the guys at Kiki’s, Bamboo Door, Trailer Happiness or The Swigg? (Which all stock us.) That’s a no. But can we make banging daiquiris, mojitos and punches? Hells yeah. And we’ll show you how to as well.

So if you’re expecting silver service all night then this probably isn’t for you, but if you’re up for a good craic and some hands-on excellent cocktails then get in touch with us here:

*This is currently Isle of Man only – but we’re open to offers so do get in touch.

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