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Battle of the Bands (partly brought to you by Outlier)

The last time I watched a battle of the bands is when Wyld Stallions saved the planet by rocking out at San Dimas High School. It’s almost certain that the Battle of the Bands 2022 at Quids Inn is going to have an equally cosmic role to play in history so we’ve decided to co-sponsor the night. And let's face it, it's not entirely impossible that Ghenghis Khan might turn up.

So strap yourself in (to a Stratocaster) and get yourself along to support some local bands – and generally just enjoy a decent knees up. There’s three weeks of heats (4, 11, 18 Feb) and then one finale (25 Feb) with studio recording time and Hoolie Manx white rum up for grabs.

Bill and Ted aside, why did we decide to sponsor this? Because it should be fun? Well, yes, mostly that – it should be great – but also because while there’s a great little local music scene on the island that constantly balances on a use-it-or-lose policy. Pubs, bars, restaurants and clubs will keep putting on events if they’re supported, like Andy Saunders does at Quids Inn with local bands. It’s been a tough time for everyone, but the hospitality trade has taken a battering. If you see someone making an effort, do what you can to give them a spin.

Think back to lockdown: what would you have done to get out somewhere and watch a couple of bands living life large? Not only will there by a good crowd there, but and they’ll be some Outlier Hoolie specials on, too. The door cover is one quid. Bargain.

Heat 1 - Feb 4

The Getaways vs Ocean’s Avenue vs Ironclad

Heat 2 - Feb 11

Velvet Slide vs The Clown Calls for War vs The Ballaghs

Heat 3 - Feb 18

Blank Canvas vs Lambs to the Slaughter vs Biskee Brisht

The final - Feb 25

It's an 8pm start. Get yourself along and keep us company - we've been roped into judging...

Something for the weekend? Outlier makes lovely Hoolie rum and Hedge Fund schnapps which can be bought from our shop here. We've also got readymade litre bags of cocktails in collaboration with Kiki's Tiki Lounge.

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