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Thanks for scanning our lovely QR code. You’ve made its existence worthwhile. If you’ve arrived here then you’ve probably tried one of our rums. We trust it hit the spot! We are a little craft distillery up in the north of the Isle of Man, where we make small batch rum on site using a wood-fired still. Our rums make great cocktails, can be served simply with a mixer like ginger ale, or can – if you brace yourself – be sipped neat.


Hoolie is our unaged 41% Manx rum. It’s molasses-heavy giving it surprising depth for a white rum. Hoolie makes a world class daiquiri and amazing caipirinhas and mojitos. You can also try Hoolie with some ginger ale and a squeezed wedge of lime. As a simple serve, it’s an excellent and refreshing alternative to a gin & tonic. Click here to order some Hoolie.



Hurricane is our blended 64% overproof Manx rum. It's made using a mix of unaged white rum and barrel-aged rum that’s been collecting flavour for up to 2 years. Hurricane is decidedly smooth given its strength with smoky and woody notes from our casks. Enjoy it by itself or as a seasoning in cocktails, such as a Zombie or the Manx Daiquiri (try floating 5ml into a classic daiquiri). Click here to get some Hurricane

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