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Land of milk and honey

• 25ml Honey Bun
• 25ml Liqueur de noisette (optional)
• 25ml Double cream
• 25ml Semi skimmed milk
• Drizzle of honey
• Ice cubes
• Sprinkle of nutmeg

Build your own Land of Milk and Honey over lots of ice in a tumbler. Add a shot of
Honey Bun (essential) then a shot of nut-based liqueur (optional) if you like – we
recommend hazelnut.

Make to your own taste, but for a balanced yet creamy cocktail use equal parts of
double cream and semi-skimmed milk. For a longer, milkier drink, use more cow juice.
Drizzle honey for effect as much as flavour before finishing off with a sprinkle of
nutmeg. Looks good, tastes great.


Creamy goodness

The Steps

The Stuff

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