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• One bottle of Pudtroleum
• One Christmas Pudding
• A ladle
• Tea lights

Take your bottle of 50ml Pudtroleum and pour it into a metal ladle. Hold the ladle over a tealight to gently heat the Pudtroleum. It won’t take long for the rum to warm, you’re just making it a little easier to light.

Tilt the ladle – just a little - over the tealights so that the rum catches light. Please be careful when doing this and make sure you’re doing it next to your Xmas pudding. You don’t want to be running to a different room with a flaming ladle. We recommend using the whole bottle for a large pud and just half for a smaller one. Either way, make sure that you give the Pudtroleum plenty of headspace.​

And finally, pour the flaming Pudtroleum over your Christmas pud. Marvel at the spectacle and receive all due applause and family adoration. Falling asleep in front of telly optional.


The perfect Xmas Flambé

The Steps

The Stuff

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