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That’s right, we’re grafting hard to make some lovely stuff… but you’re going to have to wait a little longer to try it. We’ve got fermentations on the go, the Outlier still is running hot, and we’ve got spirits maturing in casks. Sign up to our newsletter and we’ll let you know when we’re open for business.


Hedge fund 

Wild berry Schnapps

Hedge Fund is pure schnapps squeezed from the hard-working berries of the Andreas hedgerows. It’s been well documented that there’s no such thing as magic money trees, but magic money hedges are blooming in Mann. Hand foraged blackberries and elderberries have been fermented and distilled on site in Outlier’s old milking shed on Ballakelly Farm to make a small batch of original Manx schnapps. Traditionally taken as a shot post dinner as a digestif, schnapps is also great in a long drink. It pays to invest your Hedge Fund in a Bramble cocktail, replacing the gin with this blackberry and elderberry schnapps. Champagne optional.

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Fuel for your Christmas pudding 

Pudtroleum delivers the gift of fire this Christmas, albeit splashed across your Xmas pudding. Bottled at 55%, this overproof rum will make sure that your pud gets the rosy glow that it deserves on its special day. Pudtroleum is a single distilled rum made from molasses which have been fermented here in the Isle of Man. Lighting instructions can be found on our Recipes page.

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